Jordan Canning


2014 / Feature Film / 96 minutes *Official Selection 2014 Toronto International Film Festival* A film about family, fuck-ups and forgiveness. After the death of their father, two estranged brothers return to the family cottage to sort through his possessions. Over the course of three days, they must learn to[...] 2010 / Bravo!FACT Short Animation / 6 minutes This is your relationship.  This is your relationship on eggs. Karen and Ken’s relationship is kaput. After kicking him out, Karen celebrates with breakfast for one, only to find a gift from Ken in the fridge – two eggs drawn with smiling[...] 2011 / CFC Short Film / 14 minutes On the eve of his birthday, 12-year-old child prodigy Oliver Bump is about to die. Spurred by their demanding parents, his three brothers and sisters lived lives of endless intellectual toil until their inexplicable deaths at the exact moment they turn thirteen.[...] 2008 / NSI Drama Prize Short / 9 minutes A Roald Dahl-like fable about an ill fated professional pianist who comes down with a unique affliction: he is losing the use of his fingers. His life spirals downward as, one by one, his digits stop functioning. Featuring Neil Butler Written[...]
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Canadian Comedy Awards

Space Riders: Division Earth cleaned up at the Canadian Comedy Awards this year! The show brought home four awards, including Best Direction in a Web Series and Best Web Series!

Space Riders: Season 2

We are two weeks away from production of the reboot of Space Riders: Division Earth. This season is ambitious, surprising and unrelentingly hilarious. Get ready for total insanity! In May, Space Riders will be screening at two fantastic festivals – TO WebFest and WebFest Montreal. Check them out if you’re in one of[...]

Distribution for We Were Wolves

Thrilled to announce that We Were Wolves has been picked up for distribution by Toronto’s VSC! We are extremely excited for this new partnership as we move towards the film’s release. Stay tuned for more info on theatrical release dates…coming soon to a city near you!

We Were Wolves and Space Riders

Last week we completed packaging on Get Set’s first feature, We Were Wolves. Many thanks to the tireless post-production team, especially our editor Jon Eagan. Stay tuned for news about future screenings and updates! Until then, why not check out Space Riders: Division Earth, the hilarious sci-fi web series we[...]

Busiest Fall Ever

That title is no exaggeration. Over the last three months, there has not been much in the way of downtime. Two enormous, back to back productions have just wrapped up and only now, with one day off under the belt, has there been time to write about it. For the[...]

TIFF 2015

Director Jordan Canning and the Claire, From the Bus team will be competing in Pitch This! at TIFF 2015 on September 13th.

An exciting March

After a long winter that just didn’t want to quit, March brought a little light along with it. Our upcoming feature film Suck it Up was awarded $120,000 of in-kind services from the Women in the Director’s Chair Feature Film Award. As if that wasn’t thrilling enough, Space Riders: Division Earth[...]

Film Festivals 2014

We are overjoyed to announce that We Were Wolves will be having its World Premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival! Congratulations to the small but mighty dream team involved in this film – it could never have been made without you. After TIFF, we will hit the Atlantic Film Festival, the St. John’s[...]

Here Comes December

Just a quick update to highlight some exciting award news. Seconds was awarded the Shaw Media Fearless Female Director Award at the NSI Online Short Film Festival this month, and will be featured on the site throughout December for Fearless Female Director Month. So many females, so little fear –[...]

Summer Screenings

There’s a whole slew of exciting screenings coming up over the next few months, with films playing to audiences in Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Toronto, New York and Denmark! First up, Not Over Easy will be playing at the Gimli Film Festival in Gimli, Manitoba on July 24th. On August 16th,[...]