Best Served – Pathological Lovers

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2010 / Music Video for Pathological Lovers

A Young Frankenstein-esque tribute for the Pathological Lovers song, Best Served off their album Calling All Favours.

After a painful breakup, Frank decides to take his own life. But his band mates – The Doctor, Igor and Wolf Man – bring him back to life in the hopes of rebuilding his confidence and getting him back on the dating scene. After a series of failed attempts to lift his spirits, they realize the only way to mend his broken heart is to find him a new love. They find the perfect woman in the obituaries and reanimate her into a beautiful Bride of Frankenstein.

Featuring Dave Rowe, Grant King, Alex Pierson, Jody Richardson, Krystin Pellerin
Concept by Jordan Canning & Jody Richardson
Directed by Jordan Canning
Cinematography by Sam Pryse-Phillips

*Nominated for East Coast Music Award for Best Video

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