Ordinary Days

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2017 / Feature Film / Drama

This suspense drama tells the story of the disappearance of a female college student from three different perspectives and is directed separately by Jordan Canning, Kris Booth and Renuka Jeyapalan. Each of the directors helms one of the film’s three chapters.

Featuring Jacqueline Byers, Tori Higginson, Richard Clarkin, Michael Xavier
Written by Ramona Barckert
Directed by Jordan Canning, Kris Booth, Renuka Jeyapalan
Produced by Ramona Barckert, Glenn Cockburn, Bryce Mitchell, Brian Robertson
Cinematography by Mike McLaughlin
Edited by Aren Hansen

FIN Festival
Calgary International Film Festival 
Edmonton International Film Festival
Cinefest Sudbury
Cucalorus Film Festival
Whistler Film Festival
Kingston Film Festival
Canadian Film Festival – *Winner, Best Director
FILMART – Hong Kong
Beijing International Film Festival
Arizona International Film Festival
Oakville Film Festival
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival
Napa Valley Film Festival

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