Jordan Canning


The House Series

2008 / Short Film Trilogy

BEDROOM / 16 minutes

In the sanctuary of the bedroom, a husband and wife are able to honestly discuss their desires and disappointments and if they should continue their life’s journey together.

Featuring Robert Joy, Megan Jones
Written by Jody Richardson
Directed by Jordan Canning

Selected Screenings

Toronto International Film Festival
Atlantic Film Festival (*WINNER Best Atlantic Short)

KITCHEN / 10 minutes

A young couple has made a difficult choice. The morning of their plans, they try to accept their decision.

Featuring Phil Churchill, Amy Joy
Written & Directed by Jordan Canning

BATHROOM / 17 minutes

A troubled young woman reaches out to an unlikely protector.

Featuring Suezn Carpenter, Susan Kent
Written by Jody Richardson
Directed by Jordan Canning


Here On In

2007 / Short Film / 14 minutes

An accident gives a young girl and her father the time and occasion to examine the precariousness of their relationship, freshly transformed after the death of the mother and wife.

Featuring Julia Kennedy, Jody Richardson
Written & Directed by Jordan Canning
Produced by Tiffany Martin
Original Music by Jody Richardson

Thick & Thin

2006 / Short Film / 23 minutes

For two best friends, Kathy and Selena couldn’t seem more different. Kathy is confident, mysterious and alluring, while Selena is shy and inexperienced, forever standing in Kathy’s shadow. However, when Selena is invited over the Kathy’s house for the first time, hidden parts of Kathy’s life are revealed, and her wall of confidence begins to crack. As brewing tension leads to a bitter face off between the girls, Kathy and Selena must choose between saving face and saving their friendship.

Featuring Marthe Bernard, Sylina Jones, Joel Thomas Hynes, Patricia Andrews
Written & Directed by Jordan Canning
Cinematography by Christian Sparkes
Original Music by Tim Baker


2005 / Short Film / 9 minutes

When two halves of a young couple can’t get to sleep one night, a petty argument starts over nothing. As their frustration grows and the fight escalates, it becomes clear that what they aren’t telling each other is what’s really bothering them.

Featuring Bridget Wareham, Andrew Bartlett
Written & Directed by Jordan Canning
Cinematography by Justin Simms
Original Music by Tim Baker