Not Over Easy

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2010 / Bravo!FACT Short Animation / 6 minutes

This is your relationship.  This is your relationship on eggs.

Karen and Ken’s relationship is kaput. After kicking him out, Karen celebrates with breakfast for one, only to find a gift from Ken in the fridge – two eggs drawn with smiling faces, a picture of the happy couple they once were. Touched by this small gesture, Karen daydreams about giving Ken a second chance, imagining what their lives would be like as a couple of eggs.

­­Featuring Rachel Wilson, Aaron Poole
Directed by Jordan Canning
Written by Jordan Canning & Jody Richardson
Produced and Photographed by Sam Pryse-Phillips
Animation by Mike DeCroock
Art Direction by Adam William Wilson
Original Music by Grant King & Jody Richardson

Selected Screenings

CBC’s Short Film Faceoff Finalist
NSI Online Film Festival  (*WINNER Best Short Film, Bite Comedy Award, Fearless Female Director Award)
Tribeca Film Festival
Atlantic Film Festival (*WINNER Best Original Music)
Anchorage Film Festival (*Runner up – Best Animation)
St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival
Miami Short Film Festival
Newport Beach Film Festival
Nashville Film Festival
Nantucket Film Festival
Nickel Film Festival (*WINNER Best Score and Best NL Film)
Kerry Film Festivals

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