Jordan Canning



2019 / Music Video

Music video for Tim Baker ALL HANDS off his album, Forever Overhead.

Directed by: Jordan Canning
Produced by: Jordan Canning & Tim Baker
Filmed by: Duncan De Young, Jason Levangie, Justine Stevens, Mike McLaughlin, Nicole Paulo & Simon Lemarre-Ledoux
Edited by: Simone Smith

Best Served – Pathological Lovers

2010 / Music Video for Pathological Lovers

A Young Frankenstein-esque tribute for the Pathological Lovers song, Best Served off their album Calling All Favours.

After a painful breakup, Frank decides to take his own life. But his band mates – The Doctor, Igor and Wolf Man – bring him back to life in the hopes of rebuilding his confidence and getting him back on the dating scene. After a series of failed attempts to lift his spirits, they realize the only way to mend his broken heart is to find him a new love. They find the perfect woman in the obituaries and reanimate her into a beautiful Bride of Frankenstein.

Featuring Dave Rowe, Grant King, Alex Pierson, Jody Richardson, Krystin Pellerin
Concept by Jordan Canning & Jody Richardson
Directed by Jordan Canning
Cinematography by Sam Pryse-Phillips

*Nominated for East Coast Music Award for Best Video

There’s An Arc – Hey Rosetta!

2010 / Music Video for Hey Rosetta!

An unofficial but big hearted video for the Hey Rosetta! song, There’s An Arc, from their album, into your lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood). Shot over a few hours on a winter Sunday at Tim’s house, the band plays the song live in one unbroken take.

*Banner image by Sydney Smith